Conscientious Capitalism

I don’t subscribe to the far-left worldview or Marxist ideology. I don’t believe in the class struggle. In fact, my political goal is to liberate the working-class from that mentality. I believe it’s that mentality that is holding the working-class down, not the upper class, the business class or the modern-day bourgeoise.

I am pro-business. I believe the purpose of a business is to improve the world in some way. The goal of the entrepreneur is to solve world problems through creative business solutions. We don’t expect the government to do this. Politicians are really not that creative to be honest. They don’t have groundbreaking ideas or solutions. It is up to us to come up with those. No one else can or will.

Entrepreneurs, scientists, and artists are the true creatives in society. They invent or dream up groundbreaking ideas and solutions and then manifest these solutions by creating new businesses. Solving some world problem is the sole purpose of the business. Of course the business must create a profit, but that’s not the sole purpose of a business. The ability of the business to create a profit is the metric that determines if the business solution is effective. Profit is the metric that signifies how much value you are creating for your customers and the world in general. It signifies how much society likes or approves of your business solution.

The more profit a business makes, the more value they generate for the world. And in turn, the business and individuals involved in the business, accumulate wealth and capital. They are being rewarded for the brilliant solutions they have created, and this in turn allows them to create more brilliant business solutions and to solve more world problems. This is the logic behind low business taxes. We believe that the capital should remain in the hands of the entrepreneurs, not politicians. We believe that the entrepreneurs that have proven they can create brilliant solutions that society values, deserve to keep as much of their profit as possible so they can use it to continue to create new solutions, start more businesses, solve more world problems, and invest in others that have brilliant ideas.

Human rights should always come first before profit. Violating human rights should never be considered an acceptable business solution, and it should never be considered an acceptable solution to any world problem. If the business violates human rights in the name of profit, their business solution is creating problems rather than solving problems, and therefore they no longer have a legitimate purpose. Any business that puts profit above human rights, needs to be shut down and dissolved. The role of government and politicians are to create legislation that ensures that every entity in society — all businesses, all individuals and all of the organisations within the government — are respecting human rights.

I refer to this worldview as conscientious capitalism. This is how a conscientious capitalist society should function. This is the society we want to live in. This is the ideal we will continue to pursue.

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