Ukraine Should Become an Unincorporated Territory of the USA

Ukraine should consider becoming an unincorporated territory of the USA. That is the only "war insurance" Ukraine would need. There wouldn't be a war at all if they joined the USA. As an unincorporated territory of the USA, Ukraine would automatically become NATO territory with no accession process necessary. It is the only way Ukraine can become NATO territory right now. Joining NATO as an independent member, as Ukraine would like to do, requires the support of every other member of NATO, and currently Germany, Hungary, and Turkey are not likely to give them that support. Those countries are convincing other NATO members to not support Ukraines' membership in NATO as well. And they have even convinced the current US president, Biden, to not do so.

If Ukraine was an unincorporated territory of the USA, the US president would have no choice but to act and defend them. And every other member of NATO would have to defend them as well. Putin is completely aware of this, that's exactly why he would back down immediately. He won't dare go to war with the USA and NATO. That's why NATO is so successful. Of course, Ukraine already knows this, and that is why they want to join the alliance. And that is also why other countries like Sweden and Finland decided to join the alliance. Joining NATO is the best solution to ending the war in Ukraine immediately and preventing another one, but the only way Ukraine can do this right now is by becoming an unincorporated territory of the USA.

However, Ukraine would lose their independence by becoming an unincorporated territory of the USA. That's not a desirable solution for any country. It's their independence that they are fighting for. But they are not just risking the loss of their independence by fighting this war with Russia, they also risk the complete and total destruction of their homeland, the destruction of their culture and identity, and the innocent lives of Ukrainians in the process. The USA will not commit any of these horrible atrocities against Ukraine. The USA can provide Ukraine with security and stability. The USA can allow Ukraine to keep their national and cultural identity, just like Puerto Rico. They can still have their own government, elected by their own citizens. The only requirement the USA would impose on Ukraine as an unincorporated territory is that they be democratic. Their citizens would acquire the right to live and work in the USA, helping them prosper. There would no longer be any risk for investors to start new projects in the country. And as an unincorporated territory of the USA, Ukraine will attract more investors and larger investments than an independent Ukraine. The USA would also help fund their recovery. All of the benefits to Ukraine are too numerous to list. Most importantly, the arrangement could be temporary, until the threat of war is eliminated. Ukraine should view this proposition as a stepping stone to help them reach their long-term goals, such as joining the EU and joining NATO. The USA can help them reach those goals faster than they can on their own. In return Ukraine would become a major partner of the USA's in our mission to secure and stabilize the entire Black Sea region.

This solution isn't as glorious as fighting and defeating Russia. However, this is a guaranteed solution with minimal risk and cost involved. Ukraine has been extremely successful in the war thus far, but there is no guarantee that Ukraine can defeat Russia. And no one knows how much destruction, loss of life, and debts they will incur in the process. Our proposition, on the other hand, is a guarantee. It's also a peaceful solution - it will bring immediate peace. It will also guarantee the territorial integrity of Ukraine now and in the future, unlike a peace deal. Only Ukraine can determine the level of risk they are comfortable with, and the best solution for them, but I hope they do consider and calculate all of the risks and costs correctly.

It's unfortunate that the US president refused to support Ukraine's membership in NATO. It's also disappointing that he supported the Nord Stream 2 pipeline as soon as he took office despite bipartisan rebuke over such a decision. It's even more disappointing that he did not help Ukraine prepare for war during the few months before Russia's invasion of Ukraine when he was receiving intelligence reports on the issue. He had plenty of time to do so. It would have prevented many of the problems we now face such as energy shortages, food shortages, among the other economic repercussions of the Russia-Ukraine war. It also would have saved billions of dollars and thousands of lives. The US president's bad decisions, were considered as a green light by Putin. Now Ukraine is suffering from the consequences of his bad decisions. Putin is ultimately responsible for this war and all of the negative outcomes that happen because of it, but the US president could have made better decisions to restrain Putin. Americans need to provide a solution to help Ukraine out of this situation.

The USA is providing Ukraine with weapons and monetary support, and the USA along with all of our allies, has sanctioned Russia, but that's not enough to deter Russia. Those decisions were made by the centrists in the US Congress, not the US president. Congress passed legislation requiring the president and his administration to give Ukraine weapons and monetary support. Congress also passed legislation requiring US sanctions on Russia. The president and his administration have no choice but to do what Congress requires them to do. The decisions made by the US Congress have proven to be the best decisions regarding this conflict thus far, unlike the decisions coming from the executive branch.

The US administration is claiming it's going to be a long war in Ukraine, and that Americans and the rest of the world have to be patient and wait for the economic sanctions to work on Russia. They insist the sanctions will cripple the Russian economy, and Ukraine will prevail while Russia fails. The remarks are encouraging, but I am not so convinced that the outcome they are promising is guaranteed. The same administration that is telling us that we have to prepare for a long war in Ukraine, is also claiming the USA did not act fast enough against Hitler. I honestly see no difference between Putin and Hitler. Both Putin and Hitler were leaders of totalitarian regimes that believe might is right. Both committed war crimes and gross human rights violations. Both were supported by the German Social Democrats, the current party in power in Germany, and the US president continues to align his foreign policies with them. That's problematic.

I believe the waiting game is a losing game. Both the far-left and far-right extremists are trying to persuade Americans that they should stop supporting Ukraine. They both want to force Ukraine to negotiate a peace deal with Russia, which would only result in Russia taking more territory from Ukraine. The longer we wait, the more likely the extremists' view could gain ground in the USA and this could lead to waning support from the USA. Ukraine will fail without the USA's support. Besides, Obama and Biden already tried the peace deal after Russia annexed the Crimea from Ukraine. That did not bring peace. It brought a long, drawn out conflict that eventually lead to more aggression from Russia. Apparently Russia thought they could continue on this war path with the Biden Administration in power. They certainly did not waste any time trying to do so. They thought it was going to be more of the same inaction from this administration. And it probably would have been without the strong influence of centrists in the US Congress. The best solution is to end the war immediately and peacefully before the political dynamics in the USA and Europe change. Becoming an unincorporated territory of the USA is the most effective way for Ukraine to do that with the least amount of destruction, the least costs, and the least loss of life, while also maintaining their territorial integrity. I hope they at least consider this proposition. It's the best solution we have for them.

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