The Black Sea Strategy: Crimea is Ukraine

The US Congress has required the US administration to establish a strategy in the Black Sea region because it has become a critical point in trade and European security. Countries bordering the Black Sea are vital to this strategy: Russia, Georgia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania and Ukraine. In order to secure the Black Sea region you must control a huge portion of the Black Sea coast, which NATO currently does, but the NATO partner with the largest coastline on the Black Sea is questionable to say the least. One of the best vantage points in the Black Sea is Crimea. That is of course why Russia wants to annex Crimea from Ukraine so badly and claim it as their own, and that is why the USA and Europe must do everything in their power to make sure that Russia does not keep control of it. This is of course why it is in the USA's and Europe's best interest to help Ukraine defend themselves against Russia, to establish a new security partnership with Ukraine, and to support Ukraine's membership to NATO.

Obama, Biden, Trump and European leaders all failed to recognize the strategic importance of Crimea to the Black Sea region's security and stability. They had no Black Sea strategy, and the security and stability of the Black Sea region has rapidly deteriorated because of it. The failure of the previous administrations to recognize the security threats from Russian aggression and expansionism have left the West in an extremely weakened position. Russia is creating food shortages around the world, and energy shortages throughout Europe. The UK and other European countries are suffering from a cost-of-living crisis because of the energy shortages. This isn't by accident. This is by design. This is Russia's strategy. This is happening because of the failure of our leaders to recognize the threats from Russia, and their failure to put together sound strategies to protect us from those threats.

Moving forward the USA and NATO must create a solid strategy in the Black Sea region to maintain the security and stability of the region. Ukraine is going to play an extremely important role in that strategy, because of their geolocation. The US and NATO must first force Russia to retreat from all of Ukrainian territory, especially the entire Ukrainian Black Sea coast and particularly Crimea. This is essential to the security of the region. Russia can not be allowed to keep Crimea under any circumstances. I have already presented my argument on what I believe to be the best solution to force Russia's retreat. The solution I offered is just a proposal. It's not a requirement. The USA believes wholeheartedly in national self-determination - it is the USA's guiding principle in foreign policy. There are several ways to force Russia to retreat from Ukraine. Regardless of the method chosen to accomplish the goal, which is ultimately Ukraine's choice, we can not lose sight of the goal. Crimea is Ukraine, and the goal is to ensure that it will remain a part of Ukraine in the future. No other ending to this conflict will bring security and stability to the Black Sea region.

Our goal is to end Russia's aggression against Ukraine, to help Ukraine restore their territorial integrity, and then invite Ukraine to join NATO. We want Ukraine on our team. We want Ukraine as an ally. We want to build a strong partnership with Ukraine. We want Ukraine to maintain control of Crimea. We want all of these things, because we want to build a US-NATO military and naval base there. We want a US-NATO naval base on Crimea to protect the Black Sea from all future aggression. It is the best location within the Black Sea to establish such a base.

After Ukraine defeats Russia, and joins NATO, NATO will control almost every inch of the Black Sea coast that does not belong to Russia. NATO will not be there to terrorize Russia. NATO will be there to ensure Russia can not terrorize other countries. NATO will be there to ensure that Russia can not start another war with any of it's neighbors in the Black Sea region. NATO will be there to ensure that Russia can not wreak havoc on international trade and create additional economic crises. NATO will be there to maintain peace. You can not have peace without military strength, because bad actors like Putin will always attempt to take advantage of any sign of weakness.

"The best strategy is always to be very strong." - Clausewitz

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