Paris, France

🇫🇷 Bonne année! Happy New Year! We're back in the Paris of France. The one and only real Paris - the French Paris. You might even call Paris the capital of Europe, because it is the largest city on the continent. Vie la France! xo

I have so many lovely new homes now - all in lovely countries - all in NATO countries. I should just be a citizen of NATO. In fact, we propose this New Year a new visa free, restrictions free traveling zone among all NATO member countries that are rated free by Freedom House. Since we are all wealthy, liberal democracies, we really have no need to restrict travel amongst ourselves. All citizens of the free world should be able to spend their whole lives traveling, working, and doing business within the free world with no visas and no restrictions.

This proposal will provide an incentive for NATO members to maintain their status as a liberal democracy, which is a requirement for membership in the alliance. Countries like Turkey and Hungary are members of NATO, yet they are backsliding democracies and are no longer meeting the democratic requirements for NATO membership. This proposal will also provide an additional incentive for liberal democracies to join NATO and participate in our collective security. There are still a few European countries that have not done so such as Ireland, Switzerland and Austria.

We propose a new free world order, a Free World Union or Free World Association. We want more strategic intimacy among the members of the free world, not just in military strategy and defence strategy, but also in economic strategy, especially energy security strategies. We want more friendly and fair competition, and less economic rivalry among free world nations. To assure the survival and success of liberty, we must assure the survival and success of all members of the free world. And the rest of the world is invited to join us – we're not exclusive – all you have to do is respect human rights and maintain peace on earth. Cheers!

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