Made in the Free World

For the record, I did not support President Biden's Inflation Reduction Act. I do support green industries, but I did not support all of the flaws in the legislation. I do not like it when the US Congress rushes legislation through simply to score a few election points when that legislation is full of major problems that still need to be worked out, but that's exactly what they did with the Inflation Reduction Act. The legislation is creating tensions with all of our allies, unravelling all of our hard work at improving all of our foreign relations, which were on an extremely high note despite the Trump Administration. I'm not pleased about that.

What Americans and I hope Europeans really want is more strategic intimacy on economic strategies among free world nations as President Macron of France was once calling for. The subsidies in the Inflation Reduction Act are meant to counter Chinese competition, which is using unfair business practices to gain an advantage in some industries. These subsidies are not meant to harm European industries or the industries of our other allies in the world like Japan, S. Korea and Australia. Unfortunately our president has not yet wrapped his mind around the idea of strategic intimacy with our allies, and so his administration keeps pushing legislation that creates new challenges for them, which is ultimately counter-productive to achieving all of our long-term goals. With all of the challenges we're facing in the world right now, we really don't have time to be counter-productive. We need to be on our toes.

What we want is free trade and fair competition among free world nations. We want a Made in the Free World strategy. Since the Biden Administration is slacking on this issue of strategic intimacy, the Liberal Party will put together a strategy that works for the USA and all of our allies. Until then our allies should create their own subsidies. I hope this trend of copying Chinese business and trade practices does not become the norm in the free world. We should counter China, not copy China. We have no interest in being anything like China. I believe there are much better solutions. We can create a better Free World strategy together. xo

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