Please Send Tanks to Ukraine

The USA supports Ukraine's desire to fight for their independence. I still believe it would be easier for Ukraine to accomplish all of their goals by joining the USA, but I understand their desire to do this independently. I am also fiercely independent. I refuse to get married even though it would be easier to accomplish all of my goals if I was married. I also understand why some Ukrainians would be suspicious of the USA's motives. Ukraine has only been an independent nation for a few decades, yet they have a very long history that goes back centuries. Unfortunately most of that history has not been peaceful. Other European nations, especially Russia, but not only Russia, have always coveted Ukraine's territory, making Ukraine deeply suspicious of other nations' motives. The USA does not covet anyone's territory, we simply wish to help. We should keep the option of joining the USA on the table for Ukraine, but continue to support Ukraine's decision to resist Russian aggression and defend themselves. We should do everything in our power to help Ukraine win this war.

Ukraine faces a lot of challenges on top of all of the tactical challenges the Ukrainian military faces on the battlefield, but according to the Pentagon, Ukraine can win and is very likely to restore their territorial integrity in a counteroffensive. A few of Russia's military leaders have already admitted strategic defeat, which means our strategy is effective, but some of them, namely Putin, are not rational. Ukraine must also keep a close eye on public opinion and political dynamics of the West as they are rapidly changing. Germany is still very uncooperative and very strategic in their uncooperativeness. Ukraine's military defeat of Russia is definitely not the easiest path, but it will probably be the most effective path at destroying Russian ego, especially Putin's, and pacifying Russia.

There is no doubt that the Pentagon along with NATO will make an accurate assessment of the right weapons and vehicles to send to Ukraine so they can win this war. There are numerous factors involved in this decision making process including the cost to manufacture those weapons and vehicles, the cost to operate those weapons and vehicles, the amount of time it would take to learn how to use them, etc. The American public is not going to challenge or second guess the Pentagon or NATO on those decisions. If our military experts say the German tanks are feasible, the American tanks are not, we accept that assessment as fact. It's odd that Germany would try to sway public opinion against our own military experts.

Thank you to all of the countries that have taken the Tallinn Pledge: Estonia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Denmark, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, and Slovakia. We love your commitments to Ukraine. Thank you for everything you are doing to support Ukraine. The USA should join the Tallinn Pledge too.

Russia's threats of escalating the war and using nuclear weapons are not going to stop us from sending weapons to Ukraine. It will however convince the world that Russia should be removed from the UN Security Council. Russia is obviously not a superpower anymore - their military force is inept and overrated and their economy was not even in the top ten before the war started - it's even lower now. Russia hides behind a nuclear arsenal and threatens the world with nuclear blackmail if they don't get what they want. It's seems like a desperate attempt to make themselves relevant to the world. How long do the Russians believe the world will tolerate this kind of behavior before we decide to liberate Russia, destroy their nuclear arsenal, and turn the country into a UN Trust Territory? Then the rest of the world could finally move on and live in peace and harmony.

Ukraine needs new tanks, vehicles, weapons, and financial support to counter Russian aggression and restore their territorial integrity. I am certain the Pentagon and NATO will make sure Ukraine has everything they need to defeat Russia and end Russian aggression and end Russian expansionism. We look forward to celebrating Ukraine's membership in the EU and NATO as an independent, sovereign nation. We encourage Moldova to join us as well.

Slava Ukraini ✌

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